Bo Christensen

The true audiophile knows Bow Technologies as well as its founder Bo Christensen.

Bo, the architect, the designer, the creator from Denmark. Known for famous designs of audio equipment, known for being the initiator of Bow Technologies, but also of Primare and more recently, Artora.

Have a look here at some of his designs from the past.

Bo Christensen started producing high quality products from the very beginning. His first was the kind of early BauHaus design shaped Primare 928 Series. These products made a strong audible and visual statement. In 1986 the Primare 928 series of components went on display in the Copenhagen Museum of Industrial Art. These are still the only high fidelity components on display in the Copenhagen Museum of Industrial Art.

Do you want to know more about the Primare 928 series?  Click here for a scanned copy of the original brochure.

Next Bo designed the most unbelievable Primare 200 Series. The 201 preamplifier, 202 poweramps, 204 cd player and 203 fm tuner. And not to forget the unbelievable -optional- 205 remote control. Star Wars arrived in the world of Audio. Precision stainless steel packages the world had never seen before. Initially coming in stainless steel suitcases instead of cartons or wooden boxes. Hard to produce, but for sure Audio Art top level design.

Do you want to know more about the Primare 200 series? Click here for a scanned copy of the original brochure.

Quite opposite to the “difficult” shapes of the Primare 200 Series, Bo came up with the most simple designs he ever did. The new style Primare 301 integrated amplifier.

You still can see here his preference for a kind of  “floating” frontplate construction as seen before with the Primare 201 preamplifier.

The current Primare models are directly derived from this model. More information about the current Primare range can be found at

His next project is called Bow Technologies. And that’s where we enter Bo(w)‘s world. Again, in the Bow Technology designs, you can see Bo’s preference for “floating” frontplates.

Another typical Bo design thing are the round airflow openings on the left and right side of the amp. These are seen here for the first time. While we were redesigning the cabinets of the ZZ-One and ZZ-Eight we have shown our drawings to several business friends and got great positive comments. “Those who know” will certainly recognize now somewhere else these typical pieces of design. That’s how things go. Most new things are the evolution of known issues and are for sure a confirmation of the existing value.

While the first Bow Technologies designs, the ZZ-One and ZZ-Eight, have become the known leaders in their product class, also the lower priced Bow Technologies W-range of products got a lot of praise from all over the world.

This W-range stood for the Wizard top loading cd player, the Warlock dual-mono preamplifier, the Wazoo / Wazoo XL integrated amplifier, the Walrus dual-mono power amplifier. Not to forget the most remarkable, beautiful Wand remote control.

Hard to manufacture, but a joy to hold … Bow’s W of Wow!

Since 2008/2009 Bow Technologies is part of the Durob Group, which is right now developing new products under the Bow Technologies brand. The orange color has been embedded into the logo to remind the community of this new “Dutch accent”.

At the same time Bo was involved in setting up a new brand named “ARTORA”. Simply another beautiful design out of this man’s hands. See for more information.

One thing is for sure … Bo has been very creative and active in setting up new brands, models, styles in audio. We will certainly try to follow the same track!

What Bo Christensen (and sons) is doing nowadays can be found here: