Bow History


Founded in 1994 by Danish designer and architect, Bo Christensen, BOW Technologies set out to design and build a series of small and sophisticated integrated components that would have a great impact on high-end trends in the mid 90’s. What was so new and fresh with the BOW Technologies products was the combination of sharp design, state of the art sonic performance and second to none build quality. We literally offered music lovers a ‘full package’. The first two products, the ZZ-One integrated amplifier and the ZZ-Eight single-chassis CD player are fine representatives for this approach. Never before had the audiophile community experienced such excellent sound and such sharp design in an integrated package, and both models have won numerous international awards and topped the best buy listings in many countries. This is probably also the first time that integrated components were able to compete head-on with separate components costing many times more.

The chief designer and CEO, Bo Christensen, had a long back-ground in high-end audio. He was the founder of Primare Systems back in 1985 and designed all the early Primare products (series 928 and series 200). A bunch of young audiofile friends was joining him to complete the design team, among them the CTO Lars Moltke, and Torben Larsen and Flemming Bay Hansen with Karsten Svendsend as an external consultant. Later on an embedded programmer Lars Hjortoe joined the team.

Being an architect as well as a musician Bo simply took pride in offering the best of both worlds:

We sometimes hear people say, that we spend too much on making our components look good. Well, we certainly do not stop before we have both the sound and the looks right, but having said that, it should be remembered and understood, that a poorly designed cabinet also cost money to manufacture. It is much more rewarding for us to go all the way when designing and building our components, and likewise it is much more exciting and rewarding for our customers to own a product that reflects this no-compromise philosophy. Good design simply lasts longer.

Another BOW Technologies hallmark was the use of very few active components. In the ZZ-One integrated amplifier, for instance, we used only 7 active components in the circuit, and because our design team had the experience and ability to select the ‘right’ components from the thousands and thousands available, we had the ingredients needed to create true magic and excitement in your listening room.

What further set BOW Technologies apart from other manufacturers of solid state electronics was our use of tube circuits. The ZZ-1 amplifier is based on the philosophy from the tube world, inspired from people like Jean Hiraga and focused on no feedback amplification. So we built solid state electronics that were based on tube circuits, and this is indeed one of the reasons for the extraordinary sonic properties of all BOW products. By sticking to the inherent simplicity in the tube circuit, we avoided a lot of the problems that other solid state manufacturers had to fight.

Excessive use of components can easily filter out those fragile and pristine details in the audio signal, and you will not experience the all important goose bump producing excitement from such over-engineered products.

And the Bow Company already concluded at that time:

We welcome you to experience the extraordinary quality of BOW Technologies!

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