What’s first ?

The first decision to be made on the “design-route” was: What’s our first new design? The choice was a new cd player, called ZZ-Nine, while the last famous Bow cd player was the ZZ-Eight. Two simple reasons for that: the ZZ-Eight became quite famous and was and is a reference player for a lot of audiophiles.

Our designer Lars Moltke continued tweaking his ZZ-Eight. For himself, but also for ZZ-Eight owners. In fact he brought the original ZZ-Eight to quite a higher quality level. Going the easy way, we could have taken the results of his tweaking as the new model, the ZZ-Nine. But we agreed we wanted more. We wanted a best sounding cd player being a most sophisticated version with the possibility for future updates and upgrades by simply swapping boards. As little internal wiring as possible ánd … also a new look.

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Past to Future

The first post published on Bow Technologies’ journey:  from the Past to the Future …

Well, the new website is open. Mainly still focussing on “the past”, which means that once you visit www.bowtechnologies.com you can choose for the website from the past and for the website for the future. The website from the past is the old Bow Technologies website as it has been available on the net before while the website for the future shows you it is still Under Construction …

Chose between past and future website

As you can see we made a small modification to Bow’s “W”, simply because we liked that better. The orange color is used to emphasize the current Dutch influence.

Read about Bow Technologies’ History, about Mr. Bo Christensen himself and our main technical designer Mr. Lars Moltke.

Quite a bit of work and quite a bit of information can be found in these 3 stories as well as in the few articles linked in these stories.

Have fun reading these and be with us while we will update regularly this blog to inform you what we are doing and what are the results of what we are doing.

Thank you.

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